Windows That You Can’t Say No to

Windows make up one of the most essential parts of our house. Along with ventilation, they serve many different purposes. There are many kinds of windows out there, each with its benefits. Here’s everything you should know about the different kinds of windows available and why they seem to be in vogue.

Different Types of Windows

There are many kinds of windows to complement different design choices. However, there are a few basic types of windows that every house owner considers buying:

Picture Windows

A picture window is an excellent way to enjoy the view outside, and they can be purchased in a broad range of sizes if you desire so. The glass used in this window can be embedded with metal grids or without them, which can either restrict or enlarge the view while reducing the possibility of the grids shattering (particularly for large pieces of glass).

Picture windows are usually fixed, so you can’t open them. While a fixed picture window won’t provide ventilation, permanent sealing will make it more energy efficient.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open by turning a hand crank at the bottom of the window. Unlike other sliding windows that don’t open entirely, casement windows may provide excellent ventilation. The crank is often easy to use with one hand at arm’s length, allowing it to be positioned in high or otherwise difficult-to-reach areas.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows are made up of numerous angled window panels that protrude outward (outside interior walls). These windows which are commonly seen in kitchens may offer extensive peripheral vistas that flat window frames cannot.

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung windows are ideal for small rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. Only the bottom sash is openable, hence the name “single” slash, contrary to double-hung windows. These kinds of windows are typically more economical than other double-hung designs.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows, identical to single-hung windows in appearance, however, function quite differently than the latter. These feature two slide-up and slide-down moveable sashes. Such windows are suitable for sufficient ventilation as they provide a wider area to open. For people with young children or pets, double-hung windows may be safer than single-hung windows in some scenarios since the top window can only be opened when the bottom stays fastened.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are nothing different than casement windows, except that these are designed to swing open vertically, while casement windows function horizontally. These provide a freshening atmosphere while sealing the windows well enough when required.

Awning windows may be employed in almost any situation where an openable window is required. These may be installed higher on the wall than other openable windows, and they can be positioned over furniture or benches while still allowing access to the window for an opening. As a result, they are quite useful in bathrooms and kitchens.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Since they are adaptable and reasonably inexpensive, horizontal sliding windows are perhaps more popular than any other kind. Horizontal sliding windows are typically broader than single or double-hung windows that open vertically.

Get the best out of your home by installing windows that enhance the appearance of your house while letting fresh air come in with ease.

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