6 Simple Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner Cool Faster

Summer is here, and it’s getting hotter by the day. While we love the summer sun, we also need to stay cool to beat the heat. One of our most significant allies against the summer heat is the air conditioner. 

However, sometimes our ACs take too long to cool us down, making us feel irritated and uncomfortable. In this article, we will provide you with six simple tips to make your air conditioner cool faster, giving you a cool and comfortable summer.

Clear away furniture, rugs, and other items blocking the vents

The first tip to make your AC cool faster is to clear away any objects blocking the vents. Air conditioning units work by blowing cold air into your space, and if any objects block the cold air, it won’t reach your room effectively. 

Clear away any furniture, rugs, or other items blocking the vents so that the air can flow freely. You will notice the difference in air circulation and coolness in no time.

Regularly inspect and clean your air filters

Second, you should frequently inspect and clean your air filters. Your AC will operate well without any obstructions decreasing airflow if you keep them clean. 

Filters that are dirty cause the system to become clogged and take longer to cool your space. Up to 15% more cooling efficiency can be achieved by cleaning or replacing air filters on a regular basis. 

However don’t attempt to do everything yourself and know that there are Emergency HVAC Repairs available when needed in most areas if something goes wrong.

Ensure all doors and windows are closed when running the AC

If you want your AC to work faster and more efficiently, keep your doors and windows closed. Prevent warm outdoor air from entering the room and keep the cool air inside by sealing doors and windows. 

If you’re looking to cool a specific room, close doors and windows of all other rooms. By doing so, you will reduce the load on the AC unit, enabling it to cool faster.

Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature

Always set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature. If you set it too low, it will take your AC more time to cool down to that temperature. 

A comfortable temperature for your AC should be between 20-22 degrees Celsius. While it may not feel as chilly as you’d like, it will ensure that your AC runs efficiently.

Utilize portable or ceiling fans

Use of ceiling or portable fans is a great approach to speed up the operation of your air conditioner. Cool air is circulated by fans, facilitating speedy cooling by your air conditioner. 

Additionally, energy usage from the AC and fans can be cut by up to 40%. In order to force cool air downward during the summer, make sure the fans are turning clockwise.

Replace old AC units 

If your AC unit is more than ten years old, consider getting ac maintenance or upgrading to a new and energy-efficient model. Modern ACs are designed to be faster and more effective, and they save more energy while reducing your electricity bill. 

Newer models help deliver quicker cooling and more evenly distributed air, making your home more comfortable and reducing stress on your air conditioner.

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