There are numerous door kinds from which to pick. For many homeowners, fiberglass doors are the best option. A fiberglass exterior door has all the enticing features of a wood door without any warping issues that can arise from water penetrating the wood. They improve the appearance of your property overall, increase its curb appeal, and look terrific. There are several reasons why people pick fiberglass doors. They are adaptable, secure, and robust. Because of these elements, you can modify the door to fit your home’s style and tastes while feeling at ease. Like any other front door, you will occasionally need maintenance on the door to get the most value out of your investment. Periodic maintenance is necessary to maintain the protective coatings on fiberglass exterior doors. Therefore, you can increase the lifespan of your fiberglass door by following some simple cleaning and maintaining guidelines. 

Clean Regularly

Since fiberglass doors are utilized as entry doors, they will be exposed to various adverse weather conditions, including rain, snow, strong winds, and dirt. Certain substances can degrade the fiberglass and remove the coating on fiberglass doors. Fiberglass doors may be kept in excellent condition for the duration of their lives by routinely cleaning both the front surface and the inside. The fiberglass doors can be cleaned with water and mild soap unless you want to refinish them soon after washing.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

The manufacturer’s care manual that came with the door should have been saved. You can use this information to take care of your door because it’s crucial. Unlike other door types like wood or steel, fiberglass doors are unique. As a result, the way you clean and maintain them will also differ. See the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, painting, staining, or general maintenance tips or recommendations. 

Avoid Power Washing

For cleaning the home’s exterior, power washers are a standard tool. But stick to a regular spray bottle for fiberglass doors. Exterior doors, especially those with door glass, can be harmed more by power washing than benefit. Powerful water jets have the potential to remove paint or break seals, resulting in leaks or decreased energy efficiency. Maintaining these seals clean is crucial, but do it gently with a cloth.


Refinishing fiberglass doors is one of the most simple maintenance procedures you can perform to ensure that they look fantastic and last longer. Similar to staining a wooden door, fiberglass doors can be decorated with stain. A guarantee of up to five years is typically included with purchasing fiberglass doors. Check the guarantee; if the fiberglass door is still under warranty by it, you might not have to spend to have it refinished. 

Door Guards You can add metal or rubber door guards to fiberglass doors’ top, bottom, and door knob sides at a very minimal price. They are simple to install with only a few screws and guard the door against dents, dings, scratches, scuffs, and other wear and tear from regular use. Installing door guards on fiberglass doors also adds insulation to your home, which can help you cut energy costs.

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