Common Grips in Golf with Pros and Cons for Each

The grip with ten fingers:

The most basic grip The ten-finger grip receives its name due to the reality that the ten hands are in contact with the club. How to use this ten-finger grip on golf

If you grip the club as you would with a baseball bat you’re getting close. There shouldn’t be a gap between the hands while the first set of knuckles of your left hand should be aligned to the second hand’s knuckles on the right hand and vice versa.

The only thing you need to look out for is your thumb on the left side of your hand. Instead of keeping it wrapped around the shaft, it should be facing upwards to rest on the shaft and be protected by the fingertips of the right hand.

Pros of the ten-finger Grip

It’s simple for novices – There are a lot of things to consider when you first begin playing golf, from the swing and posture to choosing a club and everything else in between! A natural, neutral grip is you don’t have to think about for the moment.

This is the most normal sensation until players become accustomed to it, a few of the grips and movements on the golf course can be a bit awkward. The ten-finger grip is more comfortable and could result in a more comfortable stroke overall.

It’s got more impact power because all 10 fingers are held by the club, meaning all ten fingers transfer energy from the arms to the club at contact. With more wrist flexibility, and more snap-through through in the swing, if properly handled it can provide an abundance of shot strength.

Cons of the ten-finger Grip

1. Hands can function independently when you have a neutral grip your hands aren’t connected, but they can move independently. If you don’t have the proper concentration as well as a discipline may cause an imbalance of power or a mishap in the sequence of swings, resulting in a bad shot.

2. A lot of flexibility in wrists While wrist freedom is an advantage for more power in the shot, it can be a hindrance to control. The power should be generated by the whole swing. An excessive reliance on wrists could create bad habits and also cause misses.

Overlapping Grips

How do you do this?

It begins using the ten-finger grip. raise the pinky finger of the hand trailing it and put it between the middle and index finger of the hand that is leading. Its thumb on the hand that is leading remains pointing downwards on the club, while the hand that is trailing it is moving closer to the hand of the leading one and there’s a space between them.


It allows you to be more flexible and controlled by making your hands more united The Vardon grip will increase the control you can exert over both wrists, allowing them to move together without limiting their freedom to a minimum.

It’s great for larger hands People with larger fingers and larger hand sizes will feel the grip that is overlapping more comfortably as it wraps partially around the hand leading it and not only the club.

3. It’s simpler to follow the pros – Modelling your golf swing as well as grip after what professionals do is a great idea. The most well-known grip for golf can make it simpler to accomplish.


There aren’t any disadvantages with this Vardon grip. It’s no wonder that it’s so well-liked! There are a few drawbacks, however, it’s a little difficult for smaller hands to grasp across the entire length of the grip and also that it doesn’t provide the additional power offered by a ten-finger grip.

The Interlocking grips

How to Do the Interlocking Grip

The interlocking grip means that the pinky finger of the hand that is trailing it is completely between the middle and index fingers of the hand leading instead of sitting on the top of the space that is between them. This means that the fingers of the hand that is leading are now in between the pinky and ring fingers of the hand that is trailing which effectively “interlocking” both hands.


1. It locks your wrists and hands together. By interlocking the grip, each hand acts as a single unit. This allows you to have more control, without having to think too much about what you’re doing with your hands.

2. It decreases the pressure on the club. When all of your ten hands are on the club with the lock naturally aiding you to hold it, you do not have to put as much pressure on your grip. This prevents you from cutting your club too much and makes it easier to control your swing.


While some famous players are adamant about interlocking grips, however, it’s not the magical solution to improve your game. There are a few disadvantages to it which include:

1. It’s a difficult grip on the golf club for those with big hands.

2. It could limit wrist motion too much which can reduce the amount of force you receive from the snap-through, making big drives harder to hit without the perfect swing.

3. Because it requires you to depend more heavily on your body’s totality to perform and be precise and can cause issues with your swing and posture.

In any kind of game of indoor or outdoor games hand grip strength is very important. To boost your grip strength one can, use a hand grip trainer to do daily isometric exercises engaging the overall forearm muscles, and finger joints.

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