Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Pavers


Installing pavers can be a great way to enhance the look and functionality of your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create a new patio, walkway, or driveway, pavers offer a wide range of design options and can be a durable and long-lasting option. However, installing pavers can also be a complex and time-consuming task, and there are many mistakes that homeowners can make along the way. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common mistakes to avoid when installing pavers, to help ensure that your project is a success.

Not preparing the base properly

One of the most important steps in installing pavers is preparing the base. This involves removing any existing grass or vegetation, compacting the soil, and adding a layer of crushed stone or gravel. If the base is not properly prepared, the pavers may shift or settle over time, creating an uneven surface.

Not using enough sand

Another common mistake when installing pavers is not using enough sand. Sand is used to fill the gaps between the pavers and provide a stable base. If not enough sand is used, the pavers may shift or become loose, which can lead to cracking or damage.

Not allowing for proper drainage

Proper drainage is essential when installing pavers. If water is allowed to pool on the surface, it can cause the pavers to shift or become unstable. To ensure proper drainage, make sure to install a layer of crushed stone or gravel underneath the pavers, and consider using a permeable paver option.

Not accounting for changes in elevation

Changes in elevation can also be a problem when installing pavers. If the surface is not level, it can create an uneven or unstable surface. To avoid this problem, make sure to take the time to level the base before installing the pavers, and consider using a laser level to ensure accuracy.

Not considering the climate

Climate can also play a role in the success of your paver installation. If you live in an area with freeze-thaw cycles, make sure to choose pavers that are designed to withstand these conditions. Also, be sure to use the right type of sand and to keep the pavers clean to prevent moss and algae growth.


Installing pavers can be a great way to enhance the look and functionality of your outdoor space, but it’s important to be aware of the common mistakes that homeowners can make along the way. By preparing the base properly, using enough sand, allowing for proper drainage, accounting for changes in elevation, and considering the climate, you can help ensure that your paver installation is a success. Remember, pavers are long-lasting and durable, but proper installation is the key to make it so. Take your time, plan the project well and you’ll be able to enjoy your new patio, walkway or driveway for many years to come.

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