How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Wood floors add warmth and a unique look to all home decor styles, and most are easy to care for if appropriately cleaned to maintain the shine. Its always hard to keep your floor clean. Hardwood floors add a beautiful touch to just about any room, but there’s some debate about the best way to clean them. If you have decided to replace your carpet or laminate flooring with the beautiful wooden flooring then You’ve got to learn how to clean hardwood floors. To keep them tip-top in shape or for the longevity of these glossy, brown surfaces, a simple deep clean is the main ingredient for it. Follow our easy steps to transform your floors from dull and grimy to gleaming, gorgeous and clean!

Sweep or Vacuum Hardwood Floors

Dry cleaning your hardwood floor is as same as dry cleaning your clothes. Whether oak, pine, bamboo or other wood, the methods for cleaning wood floors are similar. To remove dust or debris from the floor the first step is to learn how to clean hardwood floor which can scratch or dull their surface. Sweeping and vacuuming hardwood floors works well no matter what kind of wood floor you have. The best way to clean hardwood floors is to adopt a regular routine. Use a broom or a microfiber dust mop which is pre-treated with a dusting agent will pick up dust and dirt and prevent scratches. When vacuuming hardwood floors, be careful to always turn the brush roll off since it can scratch your floors.

Mop Hardwood Floors

Another way to clean hardwood floors is to use a flat mop. Make sure to wring most of the water out of the mop so it’s damp and not sopping wet while mopping hardwood floors and we should not leave any standing water on the floor, which can damage the wood. a steam mop or a steam cleaning can dull the finish and damage the wood. Don’t use floor cleaner containing vinegar when mopping your hardwood floors because it can damage the finish also, we shouldn’t use products like vinyl floor cleaner or tile cleaner on hardwood floors.

Revitalize Your Floors

Try liquid scratch concealers. When they dry, they form a permanent seal that won’t come off during cleaning. Be sure to select a concealer that best matches the colour of your floor’s finish. Wood floor polish not only protect your floor from wear and help fill small scratches but also retore it shines. Use floor wax to revitalize and deep clean worn floors. Always apply floor wax to go with the grain of the wood. Don’t over wax a wood floor. If it looks dull, try buffing your hardwood floor instead.

Maintain Your Floors

The best way to clean hardwood floors and keep them in shape is to stick to a regular schedule of maintenance. Sweep, dust or dry mop daily. Vacuum weekly. Clean heavy-traffic areas with a damp mop twice a month. Clean with recommended hardwood floor cleaner once a month. Apply a fresh coat of finish every three to five years.

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