Starting from the ground up is the key to having the most pleasant experience when wearing body armor. Anyone would go nuts if they were wearing an uncomfortable, damp, insulating bulletproof vest. Your foundation layer should at the very least fulfill the following two requirements: Moisture wicking and lightweight

These are the characteristics of a superb fundamental base layer that will allow you to enjoy your body armor system throughout the day and perform at your best! We will show you how to choose the most breathable materials, why it is necessary to be picky about your base layer and propose the finest apparel to keep near.


This piece of clothing should assist control your core temperature, dissipate sweat, and be adaptable enough to allow you to participate in a variety of activities. Throughout the day, a base layer or undershirt should feel like a second skin. It should keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Anyone who has worn a bulletproof vest before knows how fast the pounds pile up. Excess weight may make you feel suffocated and create stress in your body. Every ounce counts in high-performance situations.

Heavy cotton or wool shirts might prevent the body from performing at its best. Wearing cotton over time can produce creases in the fabric, which can lead to heat rashes or skin irritation. These shirts might also feel restrictive and incapable of moving with your body.

Because body armor is insulating, your base layer should be light and breathable. Wearing a soft armor vest next to your skin may trap heat and moisture. A foundation layer that combats insulative armor is essential.

A lightweight synthetic fiber base layer is thin.


Imagine spending the entire day trapped inside sticky, sweaty, stinking clothing. That is what occurs when you do not use adaptive technology, such as a moisture-wicking base layer.

Capillary action is used by moisture-wicking materials. Sweat is drawn away from the skin and onto the cloth throughout the process. The moisture in the cloth then swiftly evaporates. These shirts also have the added benefit of eliminating odor!

Cotton absorbs at least 7% of its weight in moisture and is incapable of dissipating perspiration. Every fiber in moisture-wicking textiles helps to regulate body temperature by wicking moisture away from the body. As a consequence, you get a delicate, light foundation layer with a dry, non-sticky feel that is great for helping you excel in any situation!


All covert body armor items have been designed with care. We create our ballistic vests with the aforementioned criteria in mind to improve your performance. Bulletproof vest choices are as follows:


This soft armor option provides the protection of a bulletproof vest while also acting as a foundation layer. This lightweight, moisture-wicking shirt features two armor pockets in the front and back to accommodate Body Armor’s crucial protective ballistic panels. Each shirt fits tight to the body and moves with it. Bulletproof t-shirts fit true to size and are purposefully long to allow the shirt to be tucked in for further concealment.


This vest’s compatibility with your base layer is a nice feature. This vest has a soft-to-the-touch tech fabric that is breathable, water-repellent and has an anti-odor finish. This is one of the most adaptable bulletproof vests on the market in recent years. With six adjustment points, it conforms to your body like a second skin.

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