How to style leather belts? Tips for functional outfits

Accessories in fashion will never go out of trend, even in the upcoming decades. Clothing accessories enhance an outfit and bring out its colours in the most vibrant ways. They are not clothing items themselves, but they can easily make or break a costume based on the overall style. One such clothing accessories are belts, especially leather belts. Leather belts are ruling the fashion industry for hundreds of years, and they still add charm to both men’s and women’s clothes. But we are focusing on men’s clothing today because, honestly, that’s all the accessories they got besides caps, hats, and watches. Belts are utilized for more than simply comfort and convenience; a nice belt may enhance the look of your entire outfit. You cannot overlook the significance of a belt in the modern day, where fashion sense is all about layering and matching the proper accessories with the outfit. Your attire can benefit from a good belt. Even if you are wearing a simple dress, the consequences of combining it with an elegant one will astound you. Men’s belts are thought to be the most noticeable element of clothing. The ideal belt will look simple and a natural extension of your attire. Even if you’re pressed for time, you can wear a belt that matches every outfit. You’ll note that belts provide the outfit with a contemporary style statement, whether you’re going to a party or the office. It is common knowledge that leather belts are a utilitarian must-have accessory that goes well with every ensemble. Now let’s learn how to style leather belts with multiple outfits to make them functional. 

Shop for basic colours

Don’t think about buying all the colors at once when going for functional clothing. You might think to have every color in your wardrobe, but this is not how styling works. You just need three primary colors:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Tan

With these three colors, you can style any formal or casual outfit and still stand out. Don’t buy tacky color belts like silver or golden or one with studs. Neither will they complement your clothes, nor would they go with the maximum of your outfits. So always invest in these three colors.

Coordinate with your shoes

Men’s formal and casual belts in certain primary hues are also essential in the wardrobe. You can coordinate your belt and shoes if you’re heading to an event or a business meeting. For instance, if you wear a tan-colored suit, tan shoes and a belt will look very off and kill the monochromatic vibe. You can wear black boots and a belt with that. Belts can be matched with boots, shoes, and even loafers.

Invest in quality items

As mentioned above, to buy only three primary colors to carry any outfit, you must be mindful of the quality. Accessories should always be of high quality as you want to sustain them for a long time, so make sure to buy high-quality leather belts from a good store and of a good brand. Check the quality by touching the materials. 

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