ParentPay and Group Manager

ParentPay allows parents to pay online for school meals, trips and other items using credit or debit card payment options, or alternatively in cash at local PayPoint shops.

Schools benefit from an easier cash collection process, reduced bank fees and enhanced home-school communication with automated email/SMS payment reminders – it is used by over 11,000 schools throughout the UK!

Cashless Payments

ParentPay Login is a market-leading online payment system designed to replace cash payments for meals, trips, clubs, equipment and school fees. Parents can add funds quickly and conveniently from any device so their child’s school-related activities can be paid quickly and effortlessly.

Parents can track payment histories and set up automatic payments for recurring expenses, thereby cutting administration time for staff and eliminating cash handling at school premises.

Parents can access the system with the activation username and password provided by their school to make payments either online or at local PayPoint shops. Parents can link all their children together into one account via the Add a Child tab on the home page, pay via card or bank transfer and even get quick refunds if necessary – over 11,000 schools in the UK use it!

Easy to Use

ParentPay allows parents to easily pay school items such as meals, trips and uniform online with an easy payment system that helps reduce cash holding at school locations and strengthen communication between school and home regarding payments.

All payments are processed securely through a leading UK payment provider, using encrypted transactions that no one can read and a unique token generated to identify payers when payments are made – meaning neither ParentPay nor schools ever gain access to credit/debit card numbers.

As part of your integration between Tali and ParentPay, certain Permissions should be assigned for the Third Party Account to ensure only relevant data can be seen by ParentPay rather than any sensitive MIS information. You can find these permissions under Modules>Setup>Third Party Account Access Permissions and Logs.


ParentPay can easily expand to meet the needs of single schools or multi-academy trusts alike. Our Group Manager feature makes accessing Parent Account credit, dinner debts, parent login details and key data easy from a central point. In addition, finance teams can automatically upload school level accounting codes into central settlement statements using Group Manager; thus minimizing coding errors across your schools.

ParentPay, founded in Coventry and operating out of Coventry City Centre, has become one of the UK’s leading providers of online payment services for schools and has recently expanded internationally. Clint Wilson was awarded EY Midlands Entrepreneur Of The Year and described by judges as an inspiring individual who identified a need and developed it into a new market.

Easy to Manage

Parents can use ParentPay to pay for items and activities directly related to their child’s school, such as meals, trips, clubs uniforms and uniforms. Payment can be made using various methods including credit or debit cards, direct bank transfers and PayPoint outlets.

As soon as a payment is made, the Parent Account’s balance will automatically update to reflect this transaction. Parents can choose to receive email or SMS alerts if their balance falls below a set threshold – these thresholds can be customized per individual balance associated item and for every child associated with ParentPay accounts.

ParentPay allows schools to upload data from their MIS systems and integrate it with ParentPay’s platform for ease of management, and quickly monitor payments and receipts instantly, providing reporting capabilities at school, year, class or pupil levels – helping improve financial management while decreasing cash handling while simultaneously offering parents an efficient, safe and secure means of communicating with one another.

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