Perfect fabrics for winter season weddings in India

Wedding season is around the corner, and as it is approaching near, we know the hotchpotch it will create among people who have weddings planned in their families. A family wedding requires the best ethnic wear, especially when your close relatives are getting married. You want all eyes on you, and just because it isn’t your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t stand out or carry your best look. If you are searching for ethnic wear that would look best on you and will also sustain well in a winter wedding, then hop on because this article is for you. A family wedding means every person is occupied with plenty of work on both sides, and nobody actually will be available to you for your own outfit preparations, and you may be busy too with the arrangements. In such a case, you should start preparing, even if the wedding is two months later. If you initiate the search and look out for the garments you want, then only you can have the final outfits prepared by the wedding. Even if you are a wedding guest, you need to plan beforehand. Now when we talk about formal events like weddings, and that too Indian weddings, the ethnic wears are of heavy materials, rich fabrics, and bright hues. You can’t walk into a wedding looking plain when everyone else is slaying their ethnicity, so yes, the choices should be made accurately. Moving further, we have listed some best winter wedding fabrics to create the dresses of your dreams. Keep reading.


Velvet is the finest material for winter weddings. Every time it is worn, the thick, velvety fabric exudes opulence. When you are wrapped in velvet’s splendour, its distinctive texture does a fantastic job of keeping the bitter cold at bay. Its robust, distinguishable texture complements each of your appearances. Your colours are well-balanced, and the matte finish prevents shine. Velvet can also be your finest choice because wintertime tends to favour dark colours. Maroons, greens, and blacks are perfect for any wedding dress. 


A sort of thin plain weave cloth is called organza fabric. This sort of fabric is sheer, which refers to its highly low-density weaving, which creates a relatively light, translucent fabric. Organza fabric is frequently used to create garments that cover bulkier forms of clothing due to its transparency and good breathability. It is also occasionally utilized to develop several other sorts of domestic textiles. Previously, silk was the only material used to create organza. However, it is now possible to develop similar textiles from various base materials thanks to the development of entirely synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon. Organza is highly used for sarees and gowns with a functional lining for winter night weddings, as you won’t feel chilly in that fabric. Make sure you don’t hand, or machine wash the cloth and only dry clean them. 


How can we forget brocade when it comes to winter weddings? A woven fabric with a pattern is called brocade. In contrast to embroidered fabrics, brocade has designs woven right into the fabric. For most of the brocade’s history, silk has been the fabric of choice for clothing, but today, wool, cotton, and even synthetic fibres can be used to create brocade. Even when fashioned of low-cost materials and utilized for casual clothing, brocade exudes a particular atmosphere of elegance and beauty.

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