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Spring is the perfect time to get your backyard ready for summer. We will cover the seasonal tasks you need to do during the Spring,Summer, and Fall.


  • Prepare your garden for the season.
  • Get the soil ready for planting.
  • Remove dead and diseased plants from your landscape, including weeds that have sprung up from last year’s seeds. These can be tilled into the soil as organic material, but make sure to remove all traces of them first so they don’t spread more seeds into your yard!
  • Prepare soil for planting by adding fertilizer (if necessary) and compost or mulch if desired–see below on how these can help improve your landscape’s appearance while also improving its health!
  • Plant new plants in their permanent location(s), taking care not to disturb existing roots when transplanting them into larger containers or beds; watering often enough so that there’s no chance of drying out before they take root again at their new locations; fertilizing lightly with liquid fertilizer every few weeks throughout summer months until fall begins approaching again so weeding becomes easier without having many competing plants nearby affecting each other negatively by stealing nutrients away from each other too quickly due to drought conditions happening later down south where most people live nowadays anyways which makes it hard sometimes getting used living conditions like this sometimes but hopefully soon enough things will improve once again once winter comes around again…

Spring is a great time to get your yard ready for summer by doing some maintenance on your landscape. Here are some tips:

  • Treat any weeds with an herbicide (make sure it’s safe for use around children!)
  • Check irrigation systems and make sure they are working properly


Summer is the perfect time to plant annuals, bulbs and perennials. You can also prune and trim trees and shrubs that have grown too large or are crowding other plants in your landscape. Fertilizing your lawn is another thing you can do during summer months. Make sure you choose a fertilizer that contains the right nutrients for your specific type of grass (for example: Kentucky bluegrass needs more nitrogen than fescue).


Fall is the perfect time to prepare your landscape for winter. This can include cleaning up leaves, removing dead plants and preparing for new ones.

If you have any questions about how to care for your lawn or garden during this season of growth, we’re happy to help!

We hope this blog will help you prepare for landscaping in the Woodlands.

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