RSO Oil A Beginners Guide to FAQ

First, ensure any large pieces of flower are broken down into smaller bits. Add the cannabis to your bucket, along with a gallon of whichever of the aforementioned solutions you choose, and carefully stir until the plant has liquified. From there, you will want to filter the mixture into the bowl for approximately 60 seconds using either a cheesecloth or coffee filter. Take whatever pulp remains from the filtration process and return it to the bucket.

The end product is a high potency oil often dark in color with a thick consistency. RSO can be siphoned into a syringe style applicator for dosing which offers the advantage of a long shelf life as oxidation does not easily occur. Some years later, in 2003, Simpson was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma. Simpson read a study from The Journal of the National Cancer Institute in which Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC was found to kill cancer cells in mice. Inspired, he extracted oil from his plants and methodically applied it to his skin.

That’s why we want to give you all the answers you need to the MMJ questions you have. It seems as though cannabis survives in a sort of purgatory state, with people using it to treat so many ailments, but the government still not acknowledging these effects. As we mentioned, it’s important to stress that Rick Simpson Oil cannot treat your cancer entirely. Rick Simpson, the creator of RSO, suggests a graduated dosing protocol for those wishing to use the oil to treat medical conditions. The protocol involves ingesting RSO for over two months and steadily increasing the dosage as your tolerance allows. When you look at many cannabis extracts, they’re light in color without any visible plant matter present.

Typically RSO comes in a single syringe with each syringe containing around 600mg of THC. RSO’s are made with various strains and is most commonly made with Indica plants that are high in THC. Final results and potency may vary based on the plants used, and so will the color and consistency of the oil. The name RSO comes from the man who created it and first benefited from it. Rick Simpson claimed that the oil he made cured him of his cancer, which was a statement that drew ire from physicians who refuted his claims.

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. On his website, Simpson explains how to make his namesake oil.

Whole plant extracts deliver the most powerful entourage effect. RSO is not for smoking, but can be used as a topical or ingested orally. It is dark in color and often administered via an oral syringe or used in capsules. Due to its tendency to be much stronger than other cannabis oils, it is usually taken in doses no larger than a grain of rice.

This led him to develop and share a regimen for others to follow based on his findings. Simpson recommends patients ‘start slow’ and allow the body to build up a tolerance to THC, then acclimate to its effects. Detailed dosage instructions can be reviewed on Simpson’s affiliated website. If you want to try using RSO for cancer, it’s best to keep up with any other treatments recommended by your doctor while you use it. You should also read up on medical marijuana laws in your area. If you live somewhere that allows medical marijuana, consider asking for advice on getting a premade oil at your local dispensary.

“Justice Cacchione said Mr. Simpson truly believed the paste he made and gave away cured diseases like cancer,” wrote reporter Tim McCoag for the Chronicle Herald. RSO gives you that high you yearn for when tired or want to add a taste to your recreational experience. Unlike other products that get you high for a short time, RSO gives you that buzzing experience that lasts for at least 6-8 hours. After using it to successfully treat his condition, Rick set out to bring RSO to the public in hopes of helping others suffering from similar conditions.

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