Tips about leather belts

Many people do not pay attention to their belts, for them, it is just a tool to keep the pants from falling. However, belts have a significant impact on the overall outfit. It is important to give considerable time and attention while purchasing the right belt.

Here are few tips which can help you make the right choice

  • The anatomy of a belt

Belts are clenching mechanisms that go around the waist, it make use of tension to hold up a person’s trouser. The large part of the belt is known as a trap, it acts like a band that goes around your waist. On the very end of the belt, you will find a buckle. The buckle has a frame, the bar which goes through the leather to keep it in place, and the prong which goes through the belt loop.

  • How a belt should fit

Before the leather belt looks good, it should fit right. The size of the belt is determined with your waist measurement. The very first step is to get you are trouser that fits you right. For instance, if you wear a 34 inches trouser waist, a belt labelled 36 inches will probably be the right fit. The easiest way to check the right size is to try the belt on. You should know that belt will set a bit tighter when it is worn properly.

  • Belt and buckle styles

If you want a formal look, you should go with a buckle that is small in size. Dress bells have very small, flat belt buckles. For more casual styles you should go for larger buckles.

  • Buckle with a tongue: in this case, the belt slides through a loop of a metal.
    • Belt buckles with the hook: it is a style in which a plate made of metal or the plastic is attached by slipping a hook on the back of the belt through the front of the belt.
    • Buckles with the sliding hatch: In this case, the belt will go through a metal latch, and a peg places the belt in a place.
    • Braided belts: in this case, the belt does not have any holes because it is woven. The tongue can slip between any of the bands.
    • Frame styles:  this style is categorized as a formal Men’s belt because of its simple rectangular shape.
    • Plates: this style is usually considered informal. It is quite decorative and common on cowboy and biker bells. These belts feature a hook towards the back which goes through the strap.
    • Box frame: in this style the box is a hollow one and the belt can pass inside it. With the help of a peg, the belt is kept in place inside. The belt requires no holes.
    • D-ring: one or two rings make the buckle and the belt fast and by threading through them. This style is usually considered a casual one.
    • Snap buckles: this style is made up of two ends that snapped together like a seat belt. They are not often used. They’re mostly used when tracking the outdoors.

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