So, you’ve succeeded! You’ve only purchased the very fantastic home theatre. Congratulations! Otherwise, why are you reading this blog? Oh, maybe you’re still planning to buy it, or maybe you simply wanted some hot advice from fellow home theatre enthusiasts on how to set it up.

Well, it all comes down to positioning your home theatre system such that you reach acoustic nirvana wherever you may be in the space. The quality of your home theatre’s audio depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your room, the location of the soundbar or woofers, and the area around them. Despite the fact that BMC audio visual’s audio technology, seamless connectivity, surround sound, and EQ modes always function like a charm, the only way to truly appreciate a movie is by maximising the sound quality with a few tips and tricks.

Don’t worry; you won’t require the assistance of an architect or interior designer for the setup. The five incredible tips we have for you below will only take five extra minutes of your time:

Placement is crucial:

Selecting the ideal location for your soundbar is the first step if you want your sound to be precise. It won’t do to just keep it underneath the TV or install it on the wall. These guidelines must be properly followed:

Make sure the soundbar is centred and placed just beneath the TV:

Make sure there is enough vertical space between the soundbar and the TV and that it is not blocking the former.

Avoid placing your soundbar inside of a cabinet or on a shelf since it may impede the surround sound. If wall-mounting, situate the speaker below the TV because the sound is best directed at the listener.

Avoid to place it too close to a wall:

Yes, there is a propensity to mount equipment flat against the wall in order to provide it “support” or to create a streamlined appearance. However, avoid doing that again with your home theatre. Keep it near to the edge of the TV table so that there is enough room and airflow all around. With this, you can be sure that your sound will reverberate throughout the space instead of reflecting off the TV. Naturally, you can then further adjust it with other EQ modes designed for movies, music, and more!

Fill up the room to lessen echo:

The beautiful audio in your home theatre is therefore offset by the irritating echo in your space. That indicates that your room is overly reflecting and empty, which transforms it into a hollow chamber that reverberates. Simply fill up your area to use the hack! You can achieve this by hanging decorations or works of art on the walls, adding heavier curtains, or even laying down a plush rug on the floor.

Ah, you now wish that these instructions were included in the manual, don’t you? We have definitely taken notice of that. So, start working right away. Trust us, family. Once you get everything set up properly, you will be proud of yourself for bringing us home.

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