Ways To Identify Profit-Dropping Operator Error

The construction equipment and the wonder machine in the industry need proper consideration and care. You need to keep them in extra care to make the most of the profit out of it. Most of the time, poor handling and inappropriate operation may cause damage to the machine badly. When the equipment is affected then it may reduce the profitability of the job as well. 

For this very reason, experts always suggest hiring a trained and skilled operator for your expensive machinery. The skilled operator better knows how to handle the machine in a way that only increases the value of the project and not the harm.

In this article, we are pointing out some of the ways t identify the errors made by the operator. You can follow them to keep the site and equipment safe from damage.

Often hot turbo shutdown

For all the construction equipment, be it a crane or a wheel loader for sale, make sure the operator is trained. Sometimes, the operators keep shutting the machine down without proper idling after every two to three minutes of operation. This makes the hot turbo shutdown more affected. Identify and check all the machines regularly to see if the machine is under hot turbo shutdown or not. This way you can identify the error and can fix it on time.

High-speed operation

It is recommended to avoid operating the machine at high-speed. Always try to keep the speed at the optimal speed to avoid any mishaps. During the shifting of moving direction either forward to reverse or vice versa, keep the speed at the minimum or shut down the equipment. If you find any operator doing this frequently, then immediately point him out, or train him to properly use the speed of the machine.

Overusing of highest work modes

In this case, the drivers use the highest work modes, thinking it will boost the productivity of the job. Whereas the lower work mode can give you the same productivity even with the lower fuel consumption. By diverting from the higher work mode to the lower work mode, you can save around $10,000 per year on fuel consumption on an average of 1500 hours of usage per year.

Excessive travel time

Some operators often use the machine over the travel time. This excessive travel time can damage the machine’s condition soon. The damage can also take a lot of money for maintenance as well. The excessive use and travel of the machine can also cause wear and tear in the machine parts. It happens when you have a lot of work to do but only one machine available. This way you use the machine like a wheel loader for sale to complete the task on time. If you cannot afford to have another machine for the job, then extend the deadline but do not overuse the machine.


Sometimes the inappropriate use of construction equipment can make damage the machine’s health. The contractor should always keep a check and balance on the operator and how he uses it. If you find any error in the operation, immediately ask the operator to stop doing so or train them. In this article, we have mentioned some of the operator errors that may affect the productivity and profit of your job.

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