Are laser hair removal treatments beneficial for men? Read to find out

Gone are the times when men used to flaunt their hairy bodies and still win hearts. In today’s time well groomed and shaved men are more appreciated than the ones who care least about their body and facial hair. We are not against men’s body hair but properly shaved and crafted body hair looks more presentable. Earlier, only women used to be concerned about their appearances, but as fashion has evolved and become more gender-neutral, it is equally essential for males to maintain their looks. So similarly, the fashion trends and techniques used by women and now inculcated in men. Modern men take pride in waxing their bodies, getting regular facials, and having occasional manicures and pedicures. One more popular approach in these trends is getting body hair removed. You must have seen ladies getting laser hair removal treatments from professionals but hardly any man taking the appointment. But recently, the approach has changed, and men have actually started opting for laser hair treatments. Waxing and shaving are no longer necessary thanks to laser hair removal treatments, which offer a long-lasting remedy for hair issues. This innovative treatment procedure, which uses laser radiation to treat your hair follicles and roots to reverse the growth, has replaced conventional methods for removing body hair. It could require 4-5 rounds or more to complete the operation, depending on the following:

  • How quickly, on average, your hair grows
  • The colour of your hair
  • Your hair’s position is crucial because different sections take varied lengths of time.
  • What your technician prefers

To understand more about the topic, keep reading.

Saves a lot of shaving time

Finding time for you in the fast-paced world of today is practically impossible. You’ll wonder why you didn’t schedule an appointment sooner when you want to expose a little more skin and realize you still need to remove your hair with wax. However, in the hectic world of today, handling primary bodily care can be challenging. Sometimes you have to wear clothing that might have a bare sleeve or shorts. Permanent hair removal techniques are beneficial in these circumstances.

Well-groomed body

Getting laser treatment on which area is entirely a person’s choice, but most males prefer under arms, arms, and chest area. Some might think it looks less masculine, but they look more groomed and better looking. Hairless bodies make men look clean and sophisticated. They look presentable and fashionable, which stands them from rest. A nicely shaved person will obviously carry themselves better and look a lot different than having tidy hair around his body. Moreover, men deserve to pamper their bodies and give them what it needs. 


Excessive body hair has no benefit to the skin, as some might think it is a protective layer for the body to protect against tanning. Removing body hair once and for all will maintain your personal hygiene for a long time, and you can be worry free about shaving every other month with a razor. You would look tidy and more put together.

Less pain treatment

Unlike shaving or wax, laser treatments have minor pain and botheration. There is a minimum level of inconvenience one can go through while getting their body hair removed through the laser method. As men have less pain tolerance for procedures like waxing, it is best to go for something that won’t hurt them and will be permanent for a sufficient time.

It lasts for a long time

Even though laser hair treatment does not have a permanent effect, it is still considered one because it stays for much longer. The maximum time you can go with therapy is for three to five years which is enough. If you are lucky enough, you can get the benefit even longer. 

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